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General Patton Memorial Museum Ettelbruck

Message of George Patton Waters after his visit to our museum:

As to special words, what I saw were SPECIAL PEOPLE DOING AN ESPECIALLY WONDERFUL JOB TO PRESERVE THE LEGACY OF ALL WHO FOUGHT IN EUROPE. I was very impressed with the detail and presentations you made of each display. It was truly an honor to have been there and I look forward to a longer visit in this year.

Visit from Vice-Mayor Pilzen + Patton Memorial

Visite vun de Pensionnéierten Bréifdréier 10/2012

Gedenkfeier beim Patton Monument 2012

Ausflug GREG Bastogne 2012

28/05/2012 Visit of  U.S. Ambassador Robert Mandell with his guests Mrs Sandra Day O Connor Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Retired, Mr Jeffrey Minear Counselor to the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,  Colonel Brendan McAloon Defense Attaché

AG GREG 2012

George Patton Waters with Indianhead Group

Visit of Robert A. Mandell US Ambassador

Copyright photos Nico MULLER + Romain REINARD 2011

Friends of Patton's 26th Infantry Division

23.06.2010 Ceremony, visit Museum 31 veterans

  US-Veteranen der 11. Panzerdivision im Patton Museum

Visit of 6 Veterans WWII 12-2009

  Visit of 6 veterans of the Battle of the Bulge of WWII in the Patton Museum on december 2009

RAF College CRANWELL GB on visit

  Cadets of the RAF College CRAWNWELL visits with their officers the General Patton Memorial Museum on October 10th 2009 -
Guide Member of the Board Romain REINARD

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